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Contouring can be a pretty intimidating step in makeup but trust me when I say, it’s the best part of makeup and very simple! Its what sets you apart from the rest. Knowing this technique can be life changing. I have the most fun when I’m doing my face makeup. There’s something about a great base that gets me so excited. Some girls love eye shadow, some love lipstick, I truly love face makeup in general; contour, highlight, foundation, concealer, etc. I live for a beat face and flawless skin! Keep reading to find out my tips on how to slay that contour game!

bronzing vs contouring
Photo Credits: temptu.com


Before I teach you how to contour, you must be wondering, “what is the difference between contour and bronzer?” Just as the photo above depicts, contouring your face adds shape and dimension in places where a contour shade is applied. Kinda like adding shadows to emphasize certain features you want to draw attention to (e.g. cheekbones, nose, lips) or even mask certain features you wouldn’t want emphasis on (e.g. forehead that looks like a five-head, I’m guilty of this I must admit).

Bronzer on the other hand, simply adds warmth and colour back into your face. You’d apply this where the sun would naturally hit (e.g. temples, cheeks, forehead) and give your face a nice sun-kissed glow. After applying foundation and powder, our face tends to look flat and pale, this is where we add bronzer and contour to bring back that colour and dimension.

I can do a whole video on just bronzer, but you have to stay tuned for that! So make sure to follow me on IGTV because I’m doing a whole series on the “how to’s” and basics of makeup application.

face shapes
Photo Credits: glossedboutique.com


I was quite fortunate to stumble upon this illustration below from “Glossed Boutique” another beauty blogger who has really amazing tips and tricks with illustrations. I’m not really good at that. You can check out her blog post for more information here.

She basically discusses the differences between face shapes. This really helps determine where to contour and where to highlight. You have to remember we all look uniquely different from each other, what I contour might not be exactly what you would like to contour. So finding our what parts of your face is best contoured and highlighted is really important.

Don’t worry! Do not give up just yet, it’s quite simple. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Is my forehead big? – If YES, contour and bronze. If NO, don’t contour just bronze.
  2. Are my cheekbones pronounced? Is there a noticeable line right below my cheekbones? – If YES, simply bronze. If NO, contour and bronze.
  3. Do I wanna emphasize my jaw? If YES, contour and bronze. If NO, bronze only.

Now this isn’t the exact formula to figure things out. I would still suggest trying it out and see what works for you. Remember, it’s just makeup, if it didn’t work out for you you can take it out at the end of the day.

highlight and contour guide
Photo Credits: glossedboutique.com


Again, another amazing illustration from “Glossed Boutique” above that gives you a guide on where to apply blush, highlight and contour. I wouldn’t say it’s completely accurate, but it’s a good base guide for beginners who have no clue at all.

As we discussed earlier, contour is used to add dimension, bronze for warmth, now what is highlight and blush? Where do you apply that? As a general rule, blush is best applied on the apples of the cheeks. It was designed to give you that illusion of “rosy cheeks”, a flushed and healthy look. I would suggest NOT smiling, coz then when you’re not smiling, the blush would’ve drooped down and that isn’t a flattering look.

Highlighter on the other hand is a completely different story. I would suggest applying this on the high points of your face where the light would normally hit, giving you the illusion of radiant skin. (e.g. Tops of the cheekbones, brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, bridge of the nose, & cupids bow)

I personally LOVE highlight. It gives you that glowing look that is just so gorgeous. I am guilty of applying too much highlight sometimes, but that’s because I naturally have dry skin. It’s that saying of you always want what you can’t have. Oily-skinned people want to look matte, dry-skinned people want to look dewy. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but in this case highlight is always glowier! (is that even a word? oh well, now it is)

Here’s the look I created on my IGTV showing how I contour and highlight with cream products as well as powder products. Click here to watch!

I love highlighting and contouring with creams! I find that it makes my makeup last so much longer, keeping me looking fresh all day! In my next tutorial I’ll show you a faster technique on how to contour with just powders. Perfect for those of you who would like a quick and easy look!

And that’s pretty much it! I hope you guys learned something about highlight, contouring and bronzing. Remember, it’s just make up! You can take it off at the end of the day. So keep practicing because it’s so much fun!

Thank you guys so much for reading! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel & make sure to follow me on my social media accounts; Instagram & Facebook, that is all @cescamandigma just like my blog name.

As always, all of the love and support is very much appreciated. Until the next post!

With Love,
Cesca ♥

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