Product Review: 13rushes Brush Line

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Whenever I travel to a new country, the thing that I am most excited about is trying their local brands of makeup. I always do my research prior to my arrival; brands, locations, best sellers, reviews, etc. It helps a lot. Saves time on shopping allowing me to visit the sites, eat local food, and at the same time acquire my versions of souvenirs; makeup.

13rushes was founded in 2013 with a mission to create exceptional synthetic brushes that are kind to the animals. We are located in Singapore, a sunny island in South East Asia. – About Us, 13rushes

On my last visit to Singapore, all the blogs, reviews and articles I read talked about the brush line 13rushes. I was so intrigued. They’re handmade cruelty-free high quality synthetic brushes that are in the mid-high price range. They’re not exactly cheap but sometimes they’re worth the price tag. So I knew I had to find out for myself.

13rushes sets out to prove that animal-friendly products can outperform natural hair brushes in both cost and performance. – About Us, 13rushes

I love what the brand stands for, to prove that leading a cruelty-free lifestyle is feasible. Only few brands nowadays care about more that just the bottom line. 13rushes was formed to prove that it’s possible to care about the environment and their actions and still come up with amazing products.

As I mentioned, the brushes aren’t exactly cheap so I really had to choose which brushes I would get the most use out of. I tried to create a set for myself that would allow me to do a complete look using just these brushes. Amazingly enough, I discovered a brush in their line that is absolutely amazing and has now become my most used brush. Here’s what I got and my thoughts…

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13rushes Face Brushes

Face Brushes:

Pro Powder

This was a brush that I got for free. The sales agent assisting me was so generous enough to give me this brush as a freebie. It’s actually an amazing brush. So soft and applies powder so nicely.

Retail Cost: 1,054Php / 27 SGD


I talked about this brush in my latest post, Starting Your #MakeupGoals Brush Set, this is the brush that has become my absolute favorite. It’s an multi-purpose brush that is incredible had has made my makeup application such a breeze. You can use this for creams, liquids, powders, everything. The brush has an angle but curved, this allows you to precisely blend all the curves and angles of your face. Contouring your cheeks bones has never been easier! Check out my demo video below or click here to see how easy it was to use this brush!

Retail Cost: 1,250Php / 32 SGD

Ultimate Shader

This brush is amazing to use for bronzer and contour. It’s dense enough to really get that nice chiseled effect but making it look airbrushed.

Retail Cost: 937Php / 24 SGD

Classic Blush

I think what I love most about this brush is the fact that it’s small which allows application to be precise. It’s also tapped at the tip and because of that you can also use this to highlight or even set the under eyes.

Retail Cost: 742Php / 19 SGD

Precision Fan

Everyone needs a great fan brush and I love this to contour my nose. I’ve had trouble searching for a replacement for my ELF fan brush that I lost a long time ago and finally I have. This however is at least 4 times the cost of ELF but I don’t have access to ELF brushes here in the Philippines and I wanted to try out a different brand. The best excuse yet. LOL

Retail Cost: 935Php / 24 SGD

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13rushes Eye Brushes

Eye Brushes:

Classic Shadow

Their eye brushes are actually smaller than I thought. Which isn’t a bad thing. I love that I can be precise with this brush. This is actually perfect for people who have small eyes. It fits perfectly.

Retail Cost: 625Php / 16 SGD

Fluffy Blender

One of my favorite blending brushes yet! Fluffy enough to diffuse the shadow but pointed at the tip which allows you to define your crease.

Retail Cost: 937Php / 18 SGD

Short Shader

No shadow in the bottom just looks so weird for me that’s why this tiny little shader is so perfect for the job! It allows you to really define your bottom lash line and you can use the fluffy blender ti blend it out.

Retail Cost: 625Php / 16 SGD


Incredible quality, soft bristles, beautiful hardware finish and the price, in my opinion, is just right for the product you get.

And that’s pretty much it! Are you gonna give these brushes a shot? Let me know when you do!

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As always, all of the love and support is very much appreciated. Until the next post!

With Love,
Cesca ♥

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