Every Makeup Lovers Guide To: Starting Your Own #MakeupGoals Brush Set

BC - EMLGT - Starting your own Brush set

“Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things…”

That’s exactly how I feel about makeup tools. The biggest mistake you can make when starting out in makeup is to splurge on expensive products without having the right tools to apply them properly. I always say that even the cheapest of makeup can look amazing with just the right brush or sponge. (However, if the product is a complete dud, no brush in the world can save it. LOL) I understand though that makeup brushes and tools can be completely overwhelming with the large variety in the market. Here I have a simplified guide on how to start your own makeup brush set that would fit your own makeup style. I share with you the brushes you’d need, the purpose and my favorites. You don’t have to go out and buy the exact same brush as I mentioned, but at least get something similar that fits the purpose. Are you a Minimalist, an Enthusiast or an Extra? Read more to find out..

WARNING: It’s gonna be a long one, so grab a snack…

NOTE: These sets are meant to compliment my “Must Have Tools” guide. If you haven’t read that yet, I highly suggest checking that out and then coming back to things to really have an overview of how your tools and your brushes can work together. In that post I recommended getting a makeup sponge which is why I no longer mentioned it in this one. The idea is to have all of those tools and build your brushes from there.

Brushes Must Have - The Basic

THE MINIMALIST – Just like the name suggests, this is for every makeup lover who wants to keep it simple, quick and minimal. However, with this set you can make a complete makeup look if you just know how to use them. Another key thing in making this set work for a complete beat face is to spot clean your brush in between shades/products to avoid making your makeup look muddy. Here’s how to use each brush

1. Multi-Purpose Face Brush | 13rave from 13rushes
PURPOSE: Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Contour and any other Cream/Powder products for the face

Let me discuss this brush in particular. This has changed my minimalist makeup game so much! It’s absolutely incredible. The idea is to get yourself an angled buffer brush but the reason why I love this one in particular so much is because it’s such an amazing quality brush. The angle isn’t sharp and there’s a bit of a curve at the end so it fits your cheekbones perfectly as well as the other crevices of your face. You don’t have to get this specific brush but if I were to recommend one, this is definitely the top on my list. An alternative would be any angled buffer brush. So many brands have their own kind. Just find one that fits your budget and works for you

2. Concealer Buffer Brush | Zoeva Concealer BufferZoeva Concealer Buffer
Under eye concealing, spot concealing, detail brush and a small buffer brush.

3. Small Blush Brush | 13rushes Classic Blush Brush 
Blush & Highlight

This brush in particular I suggest would be a small brush and a bit tapered at the tip just so that you can use it to highlight the high points of your face but still be able to blend out your blush.

4. Tapered Fluffy Blending Brush | 13rushes Fluffy Blender
Transition shade, crease shade and over all eye blender

This brush in particular has to be fluffy yet tapered, meaning there is a little point at the end. That will allow you to blend if needed but also be precise for the crease shades.

5. Shader Brush | Zoeva Luxe Smokey Shader 
All over eye shader and detail brush

6. Smudge Brush | Zoeva Smudger BrushZoeva Smudger Brush
PURPOSE: Under eye smudge brush or tight lining.

Brushes Must Have - The Enthusiast

THE ENTHUSIAST – I personally don’t like to mix brushes. I have a specific brush for a specific task. If you’ve become like me, no longer a minimalist, and you don’t want to have to spot clean your brush every time you have to switch products/shades then welcome to the enthusiast club! You still have the minimalist essence in you but you’d like to venture out into more tools and looks. You’re ready for more and these are the brushes you’ll be needing to ADD to your Minimalist Set…

(Note: I said adding, let’s just say you came from a minimalist wanting to upgrade to an enthusiast so here you go)

1. Duo Fiber Small Stipple Brush |ELF Small Stipple Brush
PURPOSE: Cream or liquid blending brush

I personally love to blend out my cream contour with this brush. It leaves it looking airbrushed and natural I love it.

2. Large Fluffy Powder Brush | ELF Complexion Brush
PURPOSE: Over-all setting brush or Bronzer Brush

This brush is my ride of die bronzer brush. This is one of the first OG brushes I had when I started makeup and it’s still my absolute favorite!

3. Contour Brush | Morphe E41 Round Deluxe Powder
PURPOSE: Powder Contouring

When starting out with contouring using powders, I always suggest a small round powder brush. It’s the easiest contour brush to start with to avoid looking like you have harsh lines drawn on your face. The small circular buffing motions helps create that chiseled effect without looking too harsh.

4. Fan Brush | ELF Fan Brush
Nose contour or highlighting

This was my OG nose contour brush. If you’re just starting out in contouring your nose this type of brush will do you wonders. The brush does all the work for you. You can’t go wrong! (Unless you choose the wrong shade, then that’s a completely different problem all on it’s own)

5. Highlight Brush | Morphe M509 Deluxe Pointed Blender
Highlighting the high points of your face

6. Fluffy Blending Brush | Sigma E40
PURPOSE: Transition shade and over all blender

Gone are the days you’d only need 1 brush for the crease and transition shade. You are about to up your eye look game and use more brushes to get an even more defined look!

7. Crease Brush | Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer
PURPOSE: Blown out crease blend

8. Pointed Crease Brush | Zoeva Luxe Crease
More precise crease blending and application

9. Fluffy Shader Brush | ELF C Brush
PURPOSE: Brow bone shade application. Under the brow shade definer. Wash of color for the lid


Brushes Must Have - The Extra

THE EXTRA – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re no longer a beginner, nor an enthusiast. You are a certified makeup addict and welcome to the club! The minimalist makeup just doesn’t work for you and the enthusiast style is not cutting it anymore. You need variety and precision! You’re makeup game is so on point that you can’t do with just a few brushes in your kit. You need it all! Each brush is dependent on what product your going to use, what look you’re going for and what you need to achieve that sharp crisp lines or even that airbrushed makeup look! Here are the brushes that you HAVE to have but not necessarily need…

1. Round/Flat Buffer Brush | Morphe M439
PURPOSE: Powder/Liquid/Cream Foundation

2. Big Powder Brush | Morphe E41
PURPOSE: All over Powder Setting

3. Small Tapered Powder Brush | Morphe M438
Highlighting & Setting

4. Thin Flat Contour Brush | Nars Ita Kabuki Brush
PURPOSE: Sharp Crisp Contouring

5. Round Blush Brush | Morphe M530
PURPOSE: Airbrush Blush Finish (buff blush in circular motions)

6. Small Crease Blending Brush | Zoeva 224 Luxe Defined Crease
Detailed transition/crease blending

7. Small Tapered Crease Brush | Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease
PURPOSE: Crease detail

8. Small Detail Shader Brush | Zoeva 237 Detail Shader
PURPOSE: Highlighting Inner Corners of the Eyes or application in small places

9. Pencil Brush | Zoeva 230 Luxe Pencil
PURPOSE: Under eye blending or detail application

10. Liner Brush | Zoeva 317 Wing LinerZoeva 317 Wing Liner
PURPOSE: Upgrade from using an angled brow brush to apply liner


That was definitely a long one…

And that’s pretty much it! I hope this post help you out somehow and gave you more clarity on what brushes you really need and what they’re used for. I know that this part of makeup can be overwhelming especially for a beginner which is why I really tried to make it as detailed as possible with as much information I can give without being too redundant. If you want a tutorial on how to use specific brushes and more techniques just let me know! I think that’s what gonna be the next “Every Makeup Lover’s Guide” topic. Stay tuned for next week’s post. Same time. Same place.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel & make sure to follow me on my social media accounts; Instagram & Facebook, that is all @cescamandigma just like my blog name.

As always, all of the love and support is very much appreciated. Until the next post!

With Love,
Cesca ♥

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