Mini Review: Canmake Makeup


“Canmake has consistently enjoyed tremendous popularity with its range of petit-price cosmetics that take the effort out of looking pretty and fashionable…”
This is another japanese makeup brand that I adore. They have the cutest packaging and their products are travel friendly. Very affordable, highly pigmentented, long lasting, and so darn cute!
Perfect Multi-Eyes eyeshadow in 02
All Matte Shadows that has all the shades you need to make the perfect eye look! Extremely pigmented, blendable and long lasting. .
Marshmallow Finish Powder in Matte Ochre
Matte finish that conceals pores and hides unevenness in complexion. A soft buttery setting powder perfect to on the go touch ups.
With Love,
Cesca ❤

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A Filipina - American beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Paris sharing her experiences and opinions on everything beauty, fashion & lifestyle

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