Product Review: Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret Foundation & Concealer

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Hello Loves!

Recently, I did a drugstore haul at my local SM department store and I found so many amazing products that really inspired me to do more product reviews. The Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret Foundation and Concealer are some of the items that I found were definitely worth the money!

NOTE: I have dry skin. So this review are for those who have dry skin.

Let’s talk about the products…

Our Lil’ Secret Foundation

A waterproof, liquid-cream foundation with excellent coverage – Claim to Fame

Product Claims.. JPEG_20171017_195149_312712755.jpg

  • Waterproof
  • Provides buildable medium to full coverage
  • Sets with a modern matte finish
  • Doesn’t look cakey, unnatural, or overdone; lightweight, comfortable formula is perfect for Philippine weather
  • Formulated with green tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil, and aloe vera; available in 5 shades

Retail Cost: 399Php

6 Things about this product… 

1. Finish – Matte

Since I have dry skin I always stay away from matte/powdery finishes. I prefer dewy/glowing finishes. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this foundation didn’t emphasize my dry skin and actually worked well despite my dry skin. This also set itself! Can you believe it? Normally I don’t like foundations like that because it tends to emphasize dry patches and clings to the skin in an odd way. But this one didn’t! It’s perfect for us who have dry skin because there’s no need to apply tons of powder. For oily skin I would suggest still setting this with powder just to ensure longevity.

2. Color Selection – Limited | 5 Shades (Light Warm, Light Medium, Medium, Beige & Medium Deep)

This foundation targets Asian skin tones and undertones which is why there isn’t a wide range of colors. The brand stays true to it’s market; Asian. I don’t see this as a bad thing because most companies can’t get the asian undertones right. My shade is light medium which is absolutely perfect!


3. Coverage – Medium –  Slightly Full 

I say it’s slightly full because your skin still looks like skin however a perfect version of your skin. It hides blemishes you want to cover without making it took cakey!

4. Application – Easy | Sponge

I tried applying this with both the sponge and brush however the sponge definitely is much better. The product dries quite quickly and the dampness of a beauty sponge helps make it application process smoother. It also helps making the finish look natural. With the brush it was very difficult and makes it look patchy because it dries fast. So definitely use a damp beauty sponge when you are using this foundation to get the best look!

5. Longevity – Long Lasting (Dry Skin) 

Knowing the foundation sets itself you’d think it wouldn’t last but this product is definitely long lasting. No need for touch-ups throughout the day!

6. Price – Value for Money – 399Php

For this kind of product and at this price it is definitely worth the money! You get a long lasting, matte finish, full medium coverage, natural looking foundation at less than 500Php! That is definitely a steal!!!

Verdict: Cesca Approved!

Now, on to the concealer…

Our Lil’ Secret Concealer
(with applicator)

An easy-to-blend liquid concealer with a nifty wand applicator – Claim to Fame

Product Claims: JPEG_20171017_195113_902206248

  • Easily corrects and conceals imperfections
  • Medium to full coverage is ideal for blemished skin
  • Formulated with cucumber and chamomile extracts, aloe vera, and vitamin E to improve the skin with regular use
  • Works well over acne and under the eyes
  • Available in 5 shades

Retail Cost: 349Php

6 Things about this product… 

1. Finish – Creamy/Natural

This is a very creamy light-weight product which is what I like. It doesn’t ephasize fine lines are cling onto the pores. It has a very natural finish while giving the right amount of coverage.

2. Color Selection – Limited | 5 Shades (Light Warm, Light Medium, Medium, Beige & Medium Deep)

The color selection of the concealer matches the color selection of the foundation line. I think this is great because for those who aren’t used to choosing their perfect shade they just have to choose the same shade as their foundation and it will perfectly match them. Again, I got the shade light medium, same as my foundation shade.


3. Coverage – Light – Medium
The product line claims to be a medium to full coverage, however after trying it, I didn’t find it to be full coverage. BUT needless to say the coverage is very nice. Gives you the perfect light-medium coverage, when paired with the foundation your under eyes look absolutely flawless!

4. Application – Easy | Sponge/Brush

I honestly prefer blending my concealer with a beauty sponge. That how I normally do it but this product is very easy to buff out that you can even use a brush or just your fingers to blend out the product. A definite plus!

5. Longevity – Long Lasting (Dry Skin) 

This concealer is definitely long lasting. I didn’t notice any creasing after I set it with the Pink Sugar Dual Finish powder (which is one of my favorite products everrrr).

6. Price – Value for Money – 349Php

For the price this is definitely another steal! The product is highly comparable to my Nars Radiant Creamy concealer which is at least 4 times the price of this one!

Verdict: Cesca Approved!

I hope I gave you guys enough insight on these product in case you were in the market for a cheaper alternative or you were looking into these products! I really love both of these and will be definitely using it more in my routine. Here is a little sneak peak of a look I just filmed using this foundation and concealer line that will be on my channel very soon!

2017-10-21 12.27.15 1.jpg

Thank you guys so much for reading! I truly hope you enjoyed and maybe learned a few things about this product. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel & make sure to follow me on my social media accounts; Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook, that is all @cescamandigma just like my blog name.

As always, all of the love and support is very much appreciated. Until the next post!

With Love,
Cesca ♥

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